We treat veins differently...

...because vein disease is a specialty.

At ETVC we treat the entire network of failed veins, not just large visibly bulging veins treated with laser catheter or phlebectomy but also the much more extensive network of failed varicose veins which are not visible or treatable with either laser or phlebectomy and which if left behind, continues to cause symptoms and leads to recurrent visible varicose veins.

This network of unseen varicose veins usually represents more than 50% of failed veins. These varicose are not “cosmetic” as they are not visible without ultrasound and they do not go away after the above treatments. At ETVC these persistent unseen varicose veins are treated with ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy.


...because being specialized in one area of treatment leads to a better experience and result for the patient.

At ETVC we from the very first appointment examine your legs with ultrasound so that you will by the time you leave know and understand:

  • what is the cause for the problems in your leg
  • why veins develop and the explanation for your current symptoms and appearance of your leg
  • whether the pain in your leg is attributable to vein disease or not
  • the expected course of vein disease in your legs over the course of your lifetime
  • how veins are treated and why
  • what the treatment options and the specific recommendation for your leg
  • and a summary is sent to you and your physician


At ETVC, we only treat varicose veins so our entire reputation is tied up in your experience here and your result.

At ETVC we specialized exclusively in vein treatment years before most current vein treatments were even available. Our founder, Dr. Douglass, underwent extensive training solely in vein treatment before first opening his office in 2001. ETVC opened as the first clinical practice dedicated entirely to the treatment of varicose vein disease in the state of Tennessee in 2001.

We have taken pains to gain those certifications which reflect an ongoing dedication to the treatment of vein disease including being recognized as diplomates of the newly formed American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine in 2008.


About East Tennessee Vein Clinic

Varicose Vein Treatment KnoxvilleEast Tennessee Vein Clinic was the first dedicated vein clinic in Tennessee, and since then we have helped thousands have healthy legs that look and feel better.

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“Every aspect of my visits to your office has been excellent. The care & compassion of the staff is exceptions. I do recommend friends, family and co-workers to ETVC.”

- D. B., Athens, TN