Why You Shouldn’t Believe "There's Nothing You Can Do To Treat Your Legs."

Why You Shouldn’t Believe "There's Nothing You Can Do To Treat Your Legs."“Another doctor told me there was nothing I could do to treat my legs” is something we hear a lot at East Tennessee Vein Clinic. In most cases, the assessment is simply not true—not because the doctor was intentionally misleading the patient but because he or she just wasn’t aware of the latest techniques that could help more problematic cases of varicose vein disease.

Varithena is one of those advanced procedures that’s very effective in treating large, twisted varicose veins, particularly in the groin area. Varithena is a foam chemical that has been approved by the FDA since 2013, but insurance carriers have just started to cover it this year.

The foam is actually a chemical that’s been in use for years, but with Varithena the bubbles are much smaller and uniform. By using ultrasound and needle pricks, a vein specialist injects the foam into large twisted veins that laser therapies couldn’t reach, such as the long saphenous vein in the groin area.

Treatment of the saphenous vein used to require either vein stripping or ambulatory phlebectomy plus ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy, but because the twisted vein is so difficult to close down it took five or six treatments. The risk of multiple recurrences was also very high.

The key significance of Varithena is that typically just two treatments are needed, and the rate of recurrence is trivial compared to what it used to be. The risk of varicose vein disease coming back in a vein treated with Varithena is now comparable to veins treated with endovenous laser therapy, which is an average of 8% after five years. The procedure is also as safe as using a laser catheter, and it can be used to treat very large bulging veins.

Varithena is an in-office procedure that can be performed in usually less than an hour, and requires no bandages or sedation. Patients should expect some soreness, but can drive themselves to and from the appointment and can return to most daily activities with no down-time.

“I’ve been very impressed with potency and effect of Varithena,” Dr. Douglass says, noting that it could change a person’s life—particularly if they’ve been told that there was nothing that could be done to treat their varicose veins.

“If someone has been told that I recommend that they come see us at the East Tennessee Vein Clinic,” Dr. Douglass advises. “In 30 minutes we will know what’s going on with the patient’s veins and what can be done to treat them.” In most cases there is something that can be done to treat their varicose vein disease and relieve their symptoms of pain and swelling. They just haven’t been referred to a vein specialist who’s aware of potential techniques and what can be done.

So if you’ve ever been told that there was nothing you could do to treat your varicose veins, don’t believe it. Get a second opinion—it will be the first step on your path to living without the discomfort varicose veins has been causing you for too long.  

At East Tennessee Vein Clinic, we commonly hear patients say they thought their varicose vein disease was untreatable, or they feared any possible treatments would be too painful or expensive. But when they learn that there are quick and non-invasive treatment options that are typically covered by insurance, they’re relieved and thrilled to restore their healthy legs.




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