Does Insurance Cover Varicose Vein Treatments?

If you have varicose veins and have been putting off seeking treatment because you assume the cost will be beyond your budget, you’re not alone—many people make this assumption. However, once they realize that insurance typically covers treatment of varicose veins they wish they had acted sooner, and you may feel the same way.

While you may not like how your legs look because of unsightly varicose veins, the condition is not just cosmetic. If varicose veins are causing symptoms of pain, swelling, throbbing, or aching, you most likely qualify as having venous insufficiency disease, which meets the criteria for medical necessity for most insurance carriers. (Treatment of cosmetic spider veins, however, is not covered by insurance.)

As long as your varicose vein condition meets the medical necessity requirements, insurance covers the treatments once your deductible has been met. Insurance also play a large role in the timing of your treatments since most insurance carriers require patients to first wear compression stockings for a 90-day time period. However, if you have leg ulcers, recurrent phlebitis, or recurrent hemorrhaging most insurances will not require the use of stockings and will approve moving directly to definitive treatment.

Most insurance carriers require specific steps and documentation to approve treatment of varicose veins. This may include a thorough physical exam, diagnostic testing via ultrasound that shows evidence of venous disease, and documentation showing that conservative management techniques such as wearing compression stockings have been completed.

Because today’s advanced treatments of varicose veins are minimally invasive, in-office procedures that require no anesthesia and little to no down time, insurance carriers don’t require a referral from a primary doctor. You are free to initiate the treatment process with your vein specialist directly.

At East Tennessee Vein Clinic, we pride ourselves on working with our patients to help them navigate the insurance coverage process. While you’ll still be responsible for out of pocket expenses such as any deductible you have not yet met, we are dedicated to helping you find the best possible coverage for your procedure. And if you still have unmet deductible, we offer payment plans and can work with you to find a solution that suits your budget, because you don’t need to suffer with varicose veins any longer.

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