How One Patient Finally Found Relief From Restless Legs With Just 2 Treatments

How One Patient Finally Found Relief From Restless Legs With Just 2 TreatmentsCindy Arnold has been the Director of Operations at East Tennessee Vein Clinic for over seven years. And, like approximately 25 million other people in the U.S., Cindy had been suffering from varicose veins.

Cindy works behind a desk for nearly 10 hours a day and drives an hour to and from work daily, and she knew the long hours in a sitting position weren’t optimal for circulation in her legs. Her legs had begun to ache and feel heavy, so she began wearing compression stockings to increase circulation in her legs.

She said, “The compression stockings made my legs feel better during the day. However, at night when I got home, took off my stockings, showered, and finally went to bed, I started having restless leg symptoms before falling asleep. I put up with that as a nightly occurrence for nearly seven years before deciding to have my legs checked for varicose veins. I mean, I do work in a Vein Clinic!”

Ultrasound diagnostics detected that Cindy indeed had one failing varicose vein. “Unfortunately, the vein failure didn’t meet medical necessity for my insurance purposes, but I chose to pursue treatment anyway because I was told it may only take one or two injections,” Cindy said.

After receiving the first injection of foam sclerotherapy, Cindy wore the compression stockings as usual during the day for two weeks. She said, “Immediately, I noticed when I removed the stockings before retiring for the night that I no longer had the restless leg symptoms!”   

Thirty days after the first injection, Cindy had one more injection to officially close the vein. Once again, she wore the stockings for two weeks following the final injection. She reported, “Again, I noticed the restless legs were not an issue at night before going to sleep.”

Cindy sums up her treatment experience by saying, “WOW! I thought why did I “put up with” the restless leg symptoms for almost seven years when ONE simple injection could have possibly alleviated my symptoms?!”

She adds, “I haven’t been wearing my compression stockings on a daily basis any longer, even though my 10-hour work shifts and the hour drive to and from work each way hasn’t changed.  But, what has changed is the way my legs feelall day, every day!”

Cindy is not alone in her experience with varicose vein symptoms. Many patients experience symptoms such as restless legs, swelling, aching, throbbing, heaviness, or leg pain on a daily basis. Compression stockings can help alleviate some of those symptoms, but because varicose vein disease is a chronic and progressive condition treatment is often ultimately necessary to fully alleviate symptoms.

Dr. Douglass and the staff at East Tennessee Vein Clinic are dedicated to the treatment of varicose veins, and lead the region in experience and expertise of vein treatments. We treat veins differently than other clinics because of our comprehensive attention to treating the root cause and full extent of each patient’s vein disease.

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“I loved all the staff – felt like it was a family atmosphere – so welcoming. However, two appointments I felt the ultra sound I was charged for gave no information to move us forward in treatment. That was my only problem.”

- K. L., Knoxville, TN