Spring Is Around The Corner, Are Your Legs Ready To Come Out Of Hiding?

The warmer days of spring and summer will be here before we know it. Our warm leggings or pants will soon be packed away, replaced by shorts and skirts. But for many people with visible varicose veins, the thought of baring their legs makes them want to stay in hiding.

It’s common for people with unsightly bulging purple or blue varicose veins to want to continue keeping their legs covered during the warmer months. While this may be manageable in an air-conditioned home or office, it’s really a disadvantage during a family trip to the beach or at a poolside BBQ.

The cosmetic appearance of varicose veins isn’t the only spring and summertime downer, either. Visible ropey veins are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to varicose veins. Even for people whose varicose veins aren’t terribly visible, venous disease causes symptoms of swelling, aching, heaviness, throbbing, itching, or even restless legs. Heat can make these varicose veins symptoms feel even worse.

Varicose veins form when one-way valves in the superficial veins of the leg fail to keep blood moving upwards to the heart. Blood pools in the bottom of the vein and causes inflammation, which contributes to the bluish ropy swelling appearance of varicose veins and the uncomfortable symptoms such as swelling and aching.

When our bodies heat up from warm temperatures or activities, large arteries, arterioles and the larger veins of our bodies dilate, or expand, to allow for more blood flow to the surface of the skin. Because varicose veins are commonly found just under the surface of the skin, the increased volume of blood within these veins adds even more pressure on the diseased veins. The extra pressure causes more pooling and inflammation, which can then further aggravate any swelling, heaviness, pain, or fatigue in your legs.

Whether you’re concerned about the appearance of your legs or the warmer months’ effect on your varicose vein symptoms, now is the perfect time to consult with a vein specialist. Treatment of varicose veins is quicker and easier than it’s ever been, and is typically covered by insurance.

It may be time to consider getting rid of your varicose veins once and for all. If so, your spring and summer months can, for once, be smooth sailing.

East Tennessee Vein Clinic is offering free screenings for varicose veins through March.

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We are offering free vein screenings through March. Please mention free screenings when making your appointment.

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