COVID-19 Update: We’re Open and What to Expect When You’re Here

We reopened our doors and began accepting patients again on May 4th. However, it has been a couple of weeks since reopening and we wanted to let you know what changes we were implementing to help protect your health, as well as the health of our staff, during this time of transition.

Before Your Appointment

Patients will need to go through pre-screening, first. Dr. Douglass will review your medical history to see if you’re healthy enough for treatment during reopening phase 1. Those at a higher risk will be deferred until phase 2 or later.

One of our staff will meet you outside to take your temperature when you arrive for your appointment. You’ll also be asked some questions to see if you have been at a high risk of exposure to COVID-19. You will be let inside once it’s established that you’re not running a high temperature and are low risk for exposure to COVID-19.

Once You’re Inside

Once approved to come inside, you will immediately be taken to your treatment room. We are requiring patients to bring a cloth or “dust” mask to wear while inside our facilities. We are able to provide you with one if you forget yours but our supply is limited. Bringing your own will guarantee that you have one.

We won’t be requiring you to walk on the treadmill after treatment like we have in the past. Instead, we’ll be asking you to walk outside or at home. This helps you be in and out more quickly while also reducing the risk of infection for our staff and future patients.

What We’re Doing to Keep You Safe

Like patients, our staff is not allowed to enter the office until:

  • Their temperature has been checked.
  • They’ve answered the same risk-of-exposure questions as patients.
  • Their mask is on.

Everyone is required to wear a mask as long as they’re inside our office. We’re also checking everyone’s temperature twice a day in order to ensure that no one is developing COVID symptoms as the day progresses. Rooms and surfaces are cleaned and decontaminated between patients.

We have missed our patients and are excited to see you again. We will be keeping everyone updated about changes as they occur on our website and the East Tennessee Vein Clinic Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to call us at 865.686.0507 if you have any questions about our new patient procedures.

“I loved all the staff – felt like it was a family atmosphere – so welcoming. However, two appointments I felt the ultra sound I was charged for gave no information to move us forward in treatment. That was my only problem.”

- K. L., Knoxville, TN