Don’t Put Off Treatment for Varicose Veins

We get it — adding one more thing to your busy schedule can feel like the straw that breaks the camel’s back. 

But when it comes to varicose veins, the sooner you get them treated, the better. 

That’s because varicose veins are chronic and progressive. They won’t go away on their own, and they will get worse over time. The longer you wait, the more painful your symptoms could become. 

If you’re worried about the cost, most insurance providers cover your treatment as long as you’ve met your deductible and meet a few medical requirements. Most insurance providers require that your procedures be “medically necessary.” In order to insure that is the case, our physicians and staff at East Tennessee Vein Clinic will perform a diagnostic ultrasound with written documentation that we send to your insurance company. 

The ultrasound does much more than just provide documentation to your insurance providers, though. It helps our doctors map out a treatment plan that will take care of not just bulging, visible veins, but the underlying root cause as well. 

Many people suffering with varicose veins wait longer than necessary for treatment 

We hear the same thing all the time — our patients wish they had come to see us sooner!

“I had horrible spider veins on my thighs from a previous surgery that kept me from wearing shorts and skirts for years,” said former patient Lou Hunter in a recent Google review. “After a few quick and easy appointments, my legs saw the sun for the first time in a decade. Now I go in once a year for maintenance. I regret not having done this sooner. It’s such a small and easy procedure that makes the biggest difference in how I look and feel.”

While many people are thrilled at the cosmetic difference our procedures make, they’re also relieved to get a break from the painful, achy symptoms caused by varicose veins. 

Former patient Cindy Pope came in for a second round of treatments in August 2020. Her previous treatment was in 2015.

“[It] gave me quick relief from aching legs, swollen ankles, and nighttime cramps,” she said in a recent Google review. “I highly recommend Dr. Douglass and his staff. They were supportive and explained the procedures being performed. I left their office with no pain and went shopping! If your leg pain prevents you from enjoying a good night’s rest and daytime activities, you deserve to feel better and not be in pain that can be relieved.”

Another of our former patients, Charice Davis, suffered from varicose veins for more than 20 painful years. 

“I had never had any procedures of any type when I came to Dr. Douglass for relief from a very painful varicose vein that I had for more than 20 years,” she said. “I was immediately made comfortable and felt safe with Dr. Douglass and his wonderful staff.”

Get a free varicose vein consultation and move on with your life

Our procedures that treat varicose veins are quick and minimally invasive. You’ll be up and moving around the same day you have your treatment. 

While you will visit our office more than once to take care of your symptoms, you’ll find relief from pain quickly. And we think you’ll be very happy with the way your legs look following the procedures! 

Our former patient Bobby Heifner came to us a few months ago with a vein issue in his left leg. He was self conscious about the way his leg looked, but it also caused him a lot of pain and discomfort. 

“After Dr. Douglass diagnosed my issue, he put together a plan to help me,” he said in a Google review. “He was able to remove the bad vein and has certainly increased my quality of life.”

Come see us for a free consultation that you can schedule today, and begin the next stage of your life without pain or discomfort. 

My legs looks and feel great! Thanks to a good doctor and staff, it was a walk in the park to have the surgery.

- J. T., Dandridge, TN