Dr. Andy Douglass retires; Dr. Brittany Cook takes over practice

In late August, Dr. Andy Douglass announced his retirement from medical practice. He has been serving the East Tennessee community for decades, and was the first to open a full-time practice dedicated to vein treatment in the state of Tennessee. Dr. Brittany Cook

“It has been an absolute honor to help in the care of your legs in any small way,” said Dr. Douglass in a recent email to our customers. “I also wanted to tell you of my confidence in Dr. Brittany Cook, who is taking over my practice. Many of you have already met her, as she has worked alongside me in our office for well over a year now.”

Dr. Brittany Cook

Dr. Cook earned her medical degree in 2011 from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. She has a surgical background and looks forward to growing the practice that already has such a great reputation for helping patients treat their varicose veins. She brings an attention to detail and surgical precision to her procedures at ETVC. 

Dr. Cook is a board-certified eye surgeon and a long-time family friend of Dr. Douglass who chose to change the focus of her practice to phlebology, the treatment of varicose vein disease. Dr. Cook is a registered phlebology sonographer, a member of the American Vein and Lymphatic Society, and was granted to sit for the once annual certification examination on Aug. 2 of the American Board of Lymphatic Medicine. (The results will be available this fall.) 

“It makes me so happy to be able to entrust the future care of our patients to someone of her very high caliber of knowledge and expertise,” said Dr. Douglass. “I trust you will feel the same.”

If you do wish to transfer your medical records to a different physician of your choice, please contact the office and we will provide you with a request form.

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The service was great. Will be back - Thanks for your kindness.

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