Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy is the preferred method and treatment for spider veins on your face, neck, and legs.

Sclerotherapy procedures to treat spider veins that are simply cosmetic in nature, are not considered medical necessities and will not qualify for insurance coverage. Nevertheless, most patients find the cost of treatment surprising affordable. Schedule a consultation or call and talk to use today to see what options you have.

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No Hospitalization

This procedure is done in office usually in less than an hour.

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High Success Rate

This is a cosmetic treatment to fix spider veins in most patients.

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Pain Free

Using only local anesthesia this procedure is easy and pain free.

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Covered By Insurance

In most spider vein cases, insurance will not cover the costs.

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No Scars

You’ll have healthier, younger looking legs after treatment.

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Return To Work

This procedure allows you to return to normal life same day.



For most patients who present with spider veins, especially those that are cosmetic in nature and not causing a medical issue, we use Cosmetic Sclerotherapy to treat them. This simple procedure is quick and painless, but because it’s only cosmetic, insurance typically won’t cover the cost.

Our staff will go over your specific treatment during your consultation and discuss payment options you may qualify for.

Dr. Brittany Clayton and Andrea Kooch, East Tennessee Vein Clinic

What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins affect 30-40% of the population and occur when the one-way valves that are meant to pump blood from the legs and feet toward the heart weaken. When this happens, blood is allowed to pool in the veins. Over time the pooled blood builds pressure, and the veins swell, which may cause symptoms such as leg swelling, aching, heaviness, burning, throbbing, or pain. Without treatment, the condition may grow worse over time.


Three Easy Steps To Happier, Healthier Legs

At ETVC, we’ve spent years perfecting our treatment plans for patients with common disorders and conditions. Because of our expertise in this field, we’ve simplified the process and most patients see results in as little as two treatments.

Step One: An In-Office Procedure That Takes Less Than an Hour

Like the other vein treatments our team performs, sclerotherapy is an in-office procedure that typically requires less than an hour. The procedure is exceptionally safe when performed by those trained and thoroughly experienced with the technique.

Step Two: You Can Get Back to Your Day Immediately Afterwards

During cosmetic sclerotherapy, we make an injection that closes the diseased veins, which are then absorbed by the body. There will be some mild bruising and swelling immediately after the treatment, but there’s no downtime, and you’ll be able to resume normal activities immediately.

Step Three: Schedule the Next Steps

After your procedure, we will schedule another visit to make sure that the treated vein is closed, and we will plan the next phase of your treatment in order to eliminate all sources of your vein disease.

Not all patients will see the results immediately after this first procedure because some of the varicose veins will likely be too narrow or twisted for an endovenous catheter to pass through. This is why we follow endovenous thermal ablation with our other safe and effective treatments: microphlebectomy and/or ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy.

Patients typically require just one or two treatments, though some need more. Do you want legs that look and feel better? Enjoy reduced pain and more youthful-looking legs with our treatments.

Worried about vein disease? We can help!

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