Free Vein Screening

Are your legs swollen, achy or throbbing?  Are you just tired of the way your legs look and ready to enjoy wearing shorts or dresses again?

Now is your time to find relief and get back legs you love.

Are you experiencing any of these common symptoms of varicose veins?

  • Aching
  • Heaviness
  • Fatigue
  • Itching
  • Swelling
  • Burning
  • Throbbing

If you are, you may have varicose veins.

For a limited time, Dr. Andrew Douglass, East Tennessee Vein Clinic is offering FREE varicose vein screening appointments


At the screening:

  • We will examine your legs with ultrasound.
  • We will be able to confirm whether or not varicose vein disease is detected.
  • We will suggest the next step to restore your legs to good health.


  • Dr. Douglass is the first physician dedicated solely to the treatment of varicose vein disease in Tennessee.
  • Nearly 20 years of experience providing minimally invasive vein treatments.
  • Safe, less painful treatments that can be completed in just four visits.
  • We treat veins differently than other clinics precisely because of this very attention to treating the root cause of each patient’s vein disease.

* Please be sure to mention you're scheduling a FREE SCREENING EVALUATION when you schedule your appointment.


“Such a wonderful and knowledgeable staff! Would recommend them to everyone!!! Could not have imagined how great the end result would be!” — T. Graves

"Before Dr. Douglass, I had procedures done by two different doctors. I almost gave up hope until I decided to give Dr. Douglass a try. Not only am I please with the result but I would not hesitate to recommend ETVC to anyone in need.  Dr. Douglass does a fantastic job of walking you through each step-explaining everything in minute detail. — J.P. Knoxville, TN

“Your staff was great!  I’m very satisfied with the treatment.  Legs definitely look better and feel better.”  — C.T. Kodak, TN.


No physician referral is required and there is no cost for the free screening. If you have varicose veins, treatment is covered by most health insurances.

“Wonderful, caring and friendly staff.”

- G. S., Knoxville, TN