Ambulatory Phlebectomy (Microphlebectomy)

Ambulatory phlebectomy, or microphlebectomy, is performed when there are large visibly bulging varicose veins that persist after endovenous laser ablation (EVLT). These veins are typically too twisted for an endovenous catheter to pass through them so must be treated after the EVLT. The procedure is exceptionally safe when performed in the hands of those trained and thoroughly experienced with the technique. The East Tennessee Vein Clinic team is among the most experienced in the Knoxville and East Tennessee area to perform microphlebectomy treatments.

As with EVLT, Microphlebectomy is an in-office procedure that requires only local anesthesia, no hospitalization, and is typically completed in under an hour. The vein is anesthetized locally, and a small needle puncture is made over the vein. A "knitting hook" type small instrument grasps the vein through the needle puncture and the bulging portion of the vein is pulled through the puncture.

No scalpel is used and no stitches are needed. The patient only feels pressure. A bandage is placed on the leg and can be removed two days later, and you’ll be advised to wear a compression stocking for a week. Most of the visible veins will have disappeared and there is usually no visible scar. Any bruising or firm lumps will typically dissipate as the leg continues to heal.

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