Vein Disease Treatments

How Is Vein Disease Diagnosed?

Much of vein disease is hidden. Varicose Veins visible on the surface of the skin are usually the tip of the iceberg. Other diseased veins that feed into the visible varicose veins lie hidden deeper in the skin. Ultrasound imaging allows us to see beneath the skin to the entire network of vein disease. Finding the root source of vein disease allows us to make an accurate diagnosis in order to treat effectively.

All screenings and treatments are performed by Dr. Andrew Douglass. During a 30-45 minute consultation, Dr. Douglass will use advanced ultrasound to assess the extent of your vein disease. He will then advise you about the treatments that would best suit your particular case. A detailed report describing your diagnosis will be provided as a courtesy to your primary care physician. For insurance purposes, medical necessity is evaluated at the time of your initial consultation. The ultrasound “maps” and photographs along with written documentation are then sent to your insurance company to confirm medical necessity.


How & Why Is Vein Disease Treated?

First and foremost, veins are treated to make the legs feel better. Even those patients with relatively mild symptoms of leg pain or swelling are frequently pleased by how much better their legs feel after treatment. Patients with more severe symptoms are relieved to be able to return to their daily activities without the limitations their varicose vein symptoms had been creating.

We also treat the legs to make them look better. Oftentimes the disfigurement of large varicose veins is such that patients forego activities to avoid embarrassment, which negatively affects their lifestyle.

Finally, we treat varicose veins to prevent them from getting worse. Varicose vein disease is both chronic and progressive. If untreated, over time it may lead to more symptomatic legs with possible complications of persistent swelling, leg discoloration, clotting (phlebitis), heavy bleeding, or venous leg ulcers.


Different types of treatments:

“I have been to several doctor offices over the years from my FMD to other medical specialist. The ETVC clinic has the kindest staff of all the offices I have ever been to. I never felt like I was just another person in their door, and they were always friendly and kind.

I have a fear of needles and a low tolerance to pain so I was nervous to start my procedures in the beginning. The staff took this into consideration during every procedure and made my visit as comfortable as possible; Trecia and Shannon were wonderful! Dr. Douglass and his staff even sang with me during my surgery to take my mind off the procedures. My legs are looking good and feeling great and I would recommend ETVC to anyone! I actually shared your offices’ information with a co-worker as I typed this. Thank you, Dr. Douglass & Staff!”

- A. S., Knoxville, TN

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